Shoddy no wan marry

Shoddy gree say make we marry She talk say make we go see ein poppee i gree ein poppee say make me den my family come collect list. we gree. Dem say this be traditional marriage bet the list say make we bring cloth from Holland make we add whiskey from Scotland Ei the gods […]

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My First Time Zip Lining!

I was quite comfortable balancing on the ropes, and making my way across hanging ladders to the point where we had to let go. I really felt like the real G lol especially when I could tell some of my companions were scared stiff but it took the special grace of God to jump…

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Happy Mother’s Day

To the mothers with no mothers to tell them how it’s done or what to do To the mothers who themselves need their mothers because they are too young to know what to do To those who just discovered they’re about to be mothers. To those whose decision to be mothers meant severing relationships or […]

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The People Called Family

“Owuo ayε ma di ooo owuo wa yε ma di. Ah we di mi ewu” screamed a woman, she was addressing death as though it was human. She said he had taken something precious from her. Her voice was hoarse perhaps from shouting too much. Aya got out of her bed and crept towards the window. She could see them, they were clad in the traditional black and red mourning attires. Many of them were women who wore black scarfs on their heads, wrappers

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Death by Fright

“Form one fuɔ! Gymi nii bεn na ayε saa gyimi diε wei?” Asabea bellowed.

“Asabea, you will speak English and remember your manners in this house, understood?” Gianni, the House Compound prefect scolded calmly.

“Sorry Sister.” Martinette replied and shouted again “Sisters in the Upstairs Dormitories, whose stupid daughter, brought to this school by the stupid computer system of the GES, thought it wise to turn the staircase….

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The radio in the Trotro was loud. Very loud. The passengers complained but the driver, probably deafened by constant exposure to such unpleasant loudness or at least pretending to be, ignored their complaints. Perhaps he had cause to, the man who was talking on the radio program sounded very angry over the recent increase in […]

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