To a sister, schoolmate- Ama Mensima Abban.

We were not the best of friends, we were not class mates, or dorm mates, or table mates but you were more than an acquaintance.

I  remember one time I had come to your dorm for some purpose I cannot remember now. You were trying to unzip your chapel cloth.

I quickly offered to help, and though you allowed me to, you said something that has since stayed with me. You said you usually zip and unzip your dresses yourself. I wasn’t used to that idea so I think I dared you to zip up by yourself . you did. “It’s good to be able to do these things by yourself” you said.

And since then all we shared were occasional hello’s on our way to the Dining Hall, Chapel or to prep. But I learnt to zip by myself too and our conversation often came to mind when I zipped up my dresses by myself when I went to Suyani for National Service and was living alone.

On Facebook I got to know more about you than all our years together in school. I liked your pictures, they told me you were not as quiet as I thought. You were fun, bubbly,you loved life, and it loved you too. I liked your pics and you liked mine. I would poke and you would poke back. I enjoyed our conversations with all the other gals on the MOGA page. And secretly I admired your complexion. so dark, so rich, providing the perfect contrast against those beaming set of white teeth when you smiled.Now I wish I had told you all that…

Sister today I finally come to realize that you have gone to join our sleeping sisters. I still can’t understand it but our maker knows best. He’s called you to a better end.

I pray he gives comfort to those who feel the pain of your absence- your family, friends and all who knew you.

Sleep well Ama, Obra no wab) no yie… Da yie onua…da yie.


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