Broken Ivory: 10.9. Happy 58th!

How are birthdays celebrated in heaven? I guess every day is a party up there huh?

I miss you, and our special birthday prayer sessions.

Do you remember when we threw you a surprise party one day early because we confused your birthday with 9/11? All that work for nothing! lol

Do you remember when you told me you’d give me a full grilled chicken to take to school for *Our Day if I scored all ones in my class four end of term exams? How could you even think of lying to a child like that? Giving me one boiled egg with some crazy explanation that it would have grown to be a full chicken anyway! I remember how upset I was that day. lol

Do you remember the day you cried because you couldn’t afford to pay for us to join that Akosombo trip in class three?  You shouldn’t have, Akosombo is not all that mpo! I wish I knew that in class three.

Do you remember when I called you from secondary school to come pick me up because my picture making teacher said I was such a failure and that you should have bought me a sewing machine with my fees?  You told me what my teacher said didn’t count,and that I made of it did. You were right.

Do you remember when you told that trotro mate to use a deo spray? I thought he’d beat us up that day. You didn’t even care that he was offended, I just wanted to get out of the vehicle.

Do you remember when you’d come home from work and say “I know what you did while  I was away, so tell me before I get the cane” I wish I had known that it was just a trick to get us to confess. I thought you really had one eye at home!

Do you remember when Baaba shaved her eyebrows off when she was in kindergarten?

Do you remember your argument with that neighbor whose goats were chewing your flowers? Remember when he said his goats were so specially trained they don’t chew plants? it threw you off so much you forgot you were arguing and burst out in laughter

I am sure by now you know that your data finished almost as soon as you bundled because I sneakily connected to your hotspot. lol I hope you have forgiven MTN for my sins.

I am sure you also know that those dresses of mine that reminded you of fabrics you had were actually made from those fabrics? Sorry, it’s not my fault that you had so many to choose from hehe

Happy Birthday Ma!

I miss you!



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