‘C’ for Complications 

Hi There,

In an attempt to write more, I am going to use all the letters of the alphabets as writing prompts for flash fiction pieces. I will write at least 250 words based on the first word I think of per alphabet. I hope you enjoy them. Cheers.


“Congratulations Perfect, you’re the ideal candidate for the position. We’d be honored to have you join our team “Thank you, Ms. Bruno. I look forward to working with your team as well” Perfect recited the well-rehearsed lines.

It had taken three years of job hunting to finally utter them. She had anticipated the thrill with which she’d say them. She had even rehearsed a surprised look and a mini dance routine she would do when she got a job.

But she wasn’t as excited about this position. She got up to place her shaky hand in the hand of Mrs. Bruno’s outstretched hand. Her new supervisor was smiling, and that sent nervous jitters down her spine.

It was everything she had prayed for. An associate role in the Public Relations Department  of a multinational NGO with a focus on maternal health which came with quiet hefty sum at the end of the month. They even gave her sign on bonus. She should be thrilled.But the thought of having to break the news to her family, especially her dad this evening, made her so uncomfortable she thought she was going to get  sick.

How do you tell the catechist of Mary Mother of Good Counsel Catholic Church that you are now the PR for an organization that assists women and girls to perform abortions?  You might as well have killed the Pope!


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