My First Time Zip Lining!

It wasn’t even planned so I didn’t have the luxury of psyching myself up for it. We were invited by our good friends the Sarpongs on a trip to Stellenbosch. I had never been to Stellenbosch, and so far all I had heard were tales of wine tasting and picturesque views.

I do not drink wine – I find that my taste buds reject everything that’s not coca-cola sweet. “It’s an acquired taste” Francis often says. Yeah well, I haven’t acquired it yet. I don’t think I plan to. I digress, sorry.

I was looking forward to visiting Stellenbosch, the side plan was to go Horse riding or camel riding, or visit a food market or something along those lines. The real plan was to meet up and have lunch with a friend of the Sarpongs who had just arrived from Ghana for a conference here in Cape Town, and then meet up with another friend of ours who was studying in Stellenbosch and was leaving for Ghana soon.

I can’t remember what triggered it but somehow our conversation steered towards obstacle courses. Soon we were googling obstacle courses on our route and that’s how we ended up at Acrobranch.

We didn’t plan for it, but were dressed for it – we all had on trousers and takkies.

Fantastic Five ready for action!

Going up the obstacle course wasn’t much of a difficulty. I was quite comfortable balancing on the ropes, and making my way across hanging ladders to the point where we had to let go. I really felt like the real G lol especially when I could tell some of my companions were scared stiff (Don’t worry Efua, I won’t mention names😋).

So I finally get to the top – a wooden platform of sorts, and I had to let go. Our guide, a friendly chap called Thomas, urged me to raise my legs and trust that I will be supported by the harness when I jumped off the platform.

My people, it took the special grace of God and lots (and lots and lots) of convincing that the harness would not break – even though I had been told multiple times that it could support the weight of an elephant – before I finally let go.

How was it?!


It ended quicker than I expected it to. Also, my eyes were closed more than half of the journey down so I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I saw the others do. But being suspended in the air and going down the line at that incredible speed was so thrilling!

I shouldn’t have been as scared as I was in the beginning. I guess the lesson here is you don’t know how you really feel about something until you try it #DeiTumiMoment lol.

Would I do it again?

Yes, Yes, Yes!!

This experience was nothing compared to what I’ve seen on YouTube. I’ve seen people with selfie sticks and GoPro cams suspended 500ft in the air and having the time of their lives. I want that!

I have also read horrifying stories of folks whose zip lines snapped mid-air! But that kind wahala minus me sha #tufiakwa (in Patience Ozorkor’s voice) 😂

I definitely will go zip lining again!

3 thoughts on “My First Time Zip Lining!

  1. What a small world. The moment I saw Sarpong, all I could think was my friend Akwasi. Only for me to scroll down and see the images. We met back in the states. I was so blown. Great post Kuukua 🙂

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