Life Update: I run my first 5k!

I have started running. Last week was my first ever 5k run ever and I have to be honest guys,


If you know me, and have seen any of my recent photos you would know that I have gained some weight. And have to be very honest most of the weight is actually welcome. I will explain in a bit. I used to be in between size six and eight and it was the most frustrating size ever because shopping was a chore. The top of dress would be tighter than the hip (because I am endowed loool) and I almost always had to buy a size up and have my new clothes altered.

2018 vs 2016 I think

In all honesty I am not even on a weight loss journey (yet). I miss my flat tummy though and I want to get rid of this big blob in front of me. I also suddenly feel the need to be healthy, and I didn’t believe just how bad I had gotten till I saw 4 year olds, 70+ year olds and parents with prams run past and finish ahead of me on Saturday. I want to do better.

October 2017. I miss this!!

I run the first 1k and then did a combination of running and walking, and dragging myself along to the finish line. I finished at 49 minutes lol. I know! It’s not the greatest time but it’s a start, I hope to get better. My thighs are so sore but I hear the more I keep at it the less sore it becomes so I managed to sneak in another 1k on Monday evening. Vim nkotee!

Me finishing the 5k!

I really don’t know how long I can keep this up for but I am glad I started. I need to stay committed to convince myself to get a gym membership. Let’s see if I can make five park runs in a row. Wish me luck 🙂


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