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Death by Fright

“Form one fuɔ! Gymi nii bεn na ayε saa gyimi diε wei?” Asabea bellowed.

“Asabea, you will speak English and remember your manners in this house, understood?” Gianni, the House Compound prefect scolded calmly.

“Sorry Sister.” Martinette replied and shouted again “Sisters in the Upstairs Dormitories, whose stupid daughter, brought to this school by the stupid computer system of the GES, thought it wise to turn the staircase….

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The radio in the Trotro was loud. Very loud. The passengers complained but the driver, probably deafened by constant exposure to such unpleasant loudness or at least pretending to be, ignored their complaints. Perhaps he had cause to, the man who was talking on the radio program sounded very angry over the recent increase in […]

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Sister Sister:

I am trading my Arden- Clarke for their Nutsukpui, I am wearing Ewe Kente for the traditional marriage, I am even agreeing to only three bridesmaids instead of six, and a simple trumpet gown instead of my intended dreamy princess ball gown. As if all these aren’t enough, they want me to do six months of counseling, when we have already done three months at my church! Why, do they want us to get PhDs in marriage counseling before we marry? I can’t deal with their pettiness!

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Little Matters

“He’s only a friend!” screamed Enam, “How many times will I have to explain this to you Judah? I can’t suddenly stop seeing my friends just because I am getting married to you!” ” Look, I know he is your friend. But how many of your friends call and text you at least ten times […]

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‘S’ is for Struggle

Mansa stared at the pregnancy test stick in her hand. Any woman would be happy, but tears quickly formed in the corners of her eyes as she looked down at the forming + sign on the stick. It was positive.  She loved kids, but after 4 miscarriages and two still births in her six years […]

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Draft Series 1

I clear my throat so I can speak louder without choking on my food, “You should all know by now that a woman’s sole purpose in life is to please her man who will marry her. Even if she goes to school, breaks her head while studying to get a first class which the man probably won’t get, it does not matter. She must still be able to run…

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Ritual Penance

Nii Afotey bent over the aluminium bucket with his shovel in hand. He diligently scrubed the shovel with metal gauze and soap. He was once mason but that was a long time ago, when he still had youthful hair on his head and teeth that could bite bones. Now his only pass time was doing menial jobs around his compound and weekly scrubbing his precious shovel.

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