Little Matters 2

“I don’t appreciate being an option, I mean know you are in a fix right now but I cannot put my life on hold so you make a decision to marry this man or not. I do not believe in this romantic nonsense! It is frankly immature. This is not some winding telenovela or unrealistic Ghanaian movie. You need to make up your mind. Please, do so quickly.”

I HAVE A GREAT FRIEND IN YOU. 20.03 — therealetsey

This dawn, I had a rather surreal mind journey with legendary American gospel singer, award-winning songwriter, arranger, record producer, pastor, a man who has been referred to as “father of modern day gospel music,” a true music sensation and piano maestro (although he never learnt or read about it), Andrae Crouch. I had to fall […]Continue reading “I HAVE A GREAT FRIEND IN YOU. 20.03 — therealetsey”

The Hostel Manager, The Programmer and Me ;)

Tadaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! So as you may have noticed, I recently acquired a brand new name! Rosa Antoinette ( Kuukua Annang Asante ( here’s the part where I do my happy dance and display all my 32 and couple more teeth lol.) Yes, I got married to a very beautiful person Francis Asante. Anyone who has met this manContinue reading “The Hostel Manager, The Programmer and Me ;)”

Broken Ivory: 10.9. Happy 58th!

How are birthdays celebrated in heaven? I guess every day is a party up there huh? I miss you, and our special birthday prayer sessions. Do you remember when we threw you a surprise party one day early because we confused your birthday with 9/11? All that work for nothing! lol Do you remember whenContinue reading “Broken Ivory: 10.9. Happy 58th!”