Shoddy no wan marry

Shoddy gree say make we marry She talk say make we go see ein poppee i gree ein poppee say make me den my family come collect list. we gree. Dem say this be traditional marriage bet the list say make we bring cloth from Holland make we add whiskey from Scotland Ei the gods […]

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Happy Mother’s Day

To the mothers with no mothers to tell them how it’s done or what to do To the mothers who themselves need their mothers because they are too young to know what to do To those who just discovered they’re about to be mothers. To those whose decision to be mothers meant severing relationships or […]

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Little Matters 2

“I don’t appreciate being an option, I mean know you are in a fix right now but I cannot put my life on hold so you make a decision to marry this man or not. I do not believe in this romantic nonsense! It is frankly immature. This is not some winding telenovela or unrealistic Ghanaian movie. You need to make up your mind. Please, do so quickly.”

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Little Matters

“He’s only a friend!” screamed Enam, “How many times will I have to explain this to you Judah? I can’t suddenly stop seeing my friends just because I am getting married to you!” ” Look, I know he is your friend. But how many of your friends call and text you at least ten times […]

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Broken Ivory: 10.9. Happy 58th!

How are birthdays celebrated in heaven? I guess every day is a party up there huh? I miss you, and our special birthday prayer sessions. Do you remember when we threw you a surprise party one day early because we confused your birthday with 9/11? All that work for nothing! lol Do you remember when […]

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I know you call it pride that I walk as though I’m a bride And arrogance that I refuse to partake in your ignorance I know you’re puzzled at my joy Somehow my confidence offends you, It embarrasses you when I speak sometimes strange ways, And you keep staring because you can’t believe who you […]

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Goddess in a Gown

I promised never to do this- ever! I mean I’m not one of those girls who stalk their exes on social media but I can’t take my eyes off your status: “We are finally beginning our own beautiful journey, it’s been rough but we are still here and I pledge my forever to you” So […]

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